Regulate StatusNotApproved error message

Some of the brokers might require completion of compliance documentation to be submitted before trading is allowed. This is to make sure that the client is fully approved for deposits and more importantly withdrawals. If you have received this message chances are that you have recently created an account. Not all brokers require this but […]

Can you connect multiple accounts to your auto trader, so that it will place the same trades in different accounts at the same time?

There is no benefit to this strategy and our system does not allow this. Simply put if you are placing two $25 trades on two different brokers you are simply placing $50 trade on a single asset so it is better just use one broker to do that. What we do offer is to be […]

What is actually lowest deposit with the brokers that you have selected?

Each broker has their own deposit amount set from which you can open account. Usually the market norm is $250USD. Among the brokers available in our system we have brokers ranging from $200 and up. Note that brokers will give you different level or perks depending on the amount you OPEN your account with. That’s why […]

What are the costs for participating? What are the plans that you offer?

Our system provided free of charge to you. Once you are connected with broker of your choice and your account is funded you can start trading. Should you wish to use any other broker outside our system you can go with Signals Mode with which you can virtually use any broker in the world existing or new […]

My broker account is only connecting in Signals Mode

On the Brokers tab if your account is only connecting in Signals Mode when you do not wish to then there are two possibilities to rectify this. You have registered broker account directly on to brokers website In this case our system doesn’t not get full access to your account for security reasons brokers do not […]