How much money should you deposit with broker for trading

We recommend starting with broker’s double of minimum deposit amount. For example if the deposit amount of your chosen broker(in broker’s) tab is $250, then to deposit double of minimum amount which $500. This gives you room to maneuver your trades with ease.


The reason for this is that a position might be $25 each for that broker meaning you have 10 tries before your balance becomes zero. The good news is that our algorithm returns an average of over 75%* winning ratio. Meaning 7 winning trades of $25 at about 80% return will give you a healthy return of $140, leaving your balance at $240. That’s a profit of $25 in 15 minutes.

When the process is repeated at this rate of $25 every 15 minutes becomes earning of $100 per hour.

*Taking into account any margin of error, the winning ratio may fluctuate higher or lower depending on trading times, asset chosen, and market volatility. The average winning ratio is a collective median average outcome of hundreds of trades conducted during our market prediction efforts. Please understand the risks, terms and conditions involved in conjunction with laws of country of your residence before investing.

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3 thoughts on “How much money should you deposit with broker for trading

  1. J Blanche
    Elliott - 2 years ago

    Hii im Elliott from Italy, ok sorry for my disturb, but im sincere, i see video in Binary Options Tested, and sems good software, but in other site talk bad that this system ok, i see also who in other site promove scam system for my idea ok,but why your site have used fake actor fiverr for make your promoter video ?? If system is serius and really work, not understand why use this actor ok, ok only hat i will know ok, for rest i think there good software ok thanks,….

    Good all,..


    1. J Blanche
      J Blanche - 2 years ago

      Our chosen presenter of Wall Street Trading Software is a marketing person who produces videos based on scripts. He is simply presenting and explaining how our system works.

      Negative reviews posted by websites are all fake because they are enrolled in commission affiliate programs to promote other robot systems. We have had many users who tried other systems recommended by these fake review websites which didn’t work.

      Our website is 100% genuine because it is run by team of developers who are continually working to improve our systems to help traders make profit who use it. We also provide 24X7 Customer Support. Everything on our website is true and correct to best of our abilities.

      Readers should be careful what they read online because there are a lot of sponsored review websites which are telling lies. Despite those fake reviews about Wall Street Trading Software we are getting regular registrations so we are happy!

  2. Ekrem Yılmaz
    Ekrem Yılmaz - 2 years ago

    Money register no. :no adres,no sanal card ll am register, no accont. :money register money accnt imposible. Help plz

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