How to connect Wall Street Trading Software to a broker account

There are two options available to connect to a broker

New Account or Existing Account

Steps to Connect to a Broker available in your country of residence

  1. Go to Brokers page
  2. Press Connect with Broker which you would like to connect with
  3. Select New
  4. Make sure your details are correct and filled out. Otherwise update your profile
  5. Press Connect again
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6 thoughts on “How to connect Wall Street Trading Software to a broker account

  1. Joseph Nappi
    Joseph Nappi - 3 years ago

    any broker in usa

    1. J Blanche
      J Blanche - 3 years ago

      We are in final stages to bring on USA broker. If you have created account on Wall Street Trading Software. We will inform you as soon as it comes online.

      If you wish you can use our software in Signals Mode for the moment which will work with any broker. You can turn on signals mode in the brokers tab. If you decide to subscribe for signals mode just send us email after payment and we will activate it for you.

  2. J Blanche
    Waleed Ikhlaq - 2 years ago

    I didn’t find Banc De Binary in your broker list. Can you please update me regarding this issue?

    1. J Blanche
      J Blanche - 2 years ago

      Please log in to your account and go to You will see brokers list which you can connect your account with. Our team is working to add more brokers. We are unable to confirm when this broker will be added. For now you can choose a broker available from the list.

  3. Michael Morris
    Michael Morris - 2 years ago

    does the broker have to be in the country I live .As I am English but do not speak Spanish

    1. J Blanche
      J Blanche - 2 years ago

      Thank you for registration. The Broker’s tab will automatically allow brokers to be connected which are available in the country you are presently in. Connect to broker button However, broker may or may not be available in the country you reside in so it is advised to check whether your chosen broker is also providing the service in country of your residence.

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