Are you a binary options broker firm?

Wall Street Trading Software is accepting applications to be able to connect to your system as a compatible broker. Simply have someone contact us or email at [email protected] to get started.


Affiliate program

If you are an affiliate then we have an affiliate program for you with a competitive CPA! To get the CPA you would need to be approved as an affiliate. Simply register as trader account to get your referral link as usual. Then use form below to get your new CPA applied to your account.

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Questions and Answers

How do I get started?

You need to register as a trader account as usual as no separate account required to be an affiliate. In your account’s settings page you will be given a unique referral link and social media links which we track. Any signups made with those links are fully tracked.

How much is the CPA?

As a trader who has simply advertised their link, we have set referral commission of $100. For affiliates we have higher CPA. You would have to apply as an affiliate and your affiliate manager will set your CPA to your account.

How are referrals tracked?

We use cookies to track sign ups. You can monitor your progress too.

How are referrals paid?

You can get paid by Paypal/Bank/Skrill.

How long the referrals tracked?

A visit through your affiliate link is valid up to 365 days from the day of first visit.


Referral Program

Earn $100 commission on referring Wall Street Trading Software to anyone! Simply register as trading account. You will see your referral link in your settings page which you can distribute on your website or social media.