Settings and Features explained

Trading Room

Auto Trade settings


  • Hourly Trades – Select how many trades should be taken per hour
  • Trade Amount – Select what should be the trade amount
  • Auto Shut Off – Select how long should auto trade should run before auto trading is off
  • Inverse – Overrides the signals to show opposite signals(Not recommended, but might be useful at times)
  • Auto – Auto Trade function to start trading based on the settings selected

Settings Tab



  • Signals Charts – Shows charts for the given asset signal
  • Expired Positions – Shows history of transactions
  • Signal Buttons – Turns on execute trade button on signals panel for hybrid trading
  • Counter Timer – Shows the time remaining on signals panel
  • Double Signals – Shows 6 signals at a time otherwise 3 at a time for better focus on assets
  • Pro Trader – Doubles the Trading Room control limits for Hourly Trades, Trade Amount and Auto Shut off timer


  • Quotes – Shows trading price quotes from various assets and their price changes
  • Forex Chart – Shows currency chart to see the currency chart you wish



  • Trading Tips – Shows trading tips in your dashboard
  • Profile Pic – Shows profile picture in your dashboard
  • Background Pic – Shows banner picture in your dashboard


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