What is Signals Mode?

Signals Mode is a feature in which you can access signals in the Trading Room. In order to start receiving signals you need to switch on Signals Only Mode in Brokers Tab. The switch is located in top right hand corner of the screen.


Once you are in Signals Mode you will see a green bar confirming that your account is in Signals Mode. To switch it off simple switch off the button or connect to a broker.


Signals Mode can be used with any broker in the world. This is because you would place the trades manually directly on to the broker’s website and that could be any. Please note that our system will only produce signals for assets in our system and may or may not be available with your broker.

For existing broker accounts which were registered outside of our system the system would connect and automatically revert in Signals Mode. This is because brokers do not allow access to any accounts which were originally registered directly from broker’s website. In order to get access to Auto Trading and Free signals you must register new account through Brokers Tab.

In order to start getting signals you would be directed to subscription page where you can subscribe and start getting signals. All major credit card and Paypal is accepted. You do not need to have PayPal account to use credit card.


Please note Signals Mode is availabe between Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:30pm GMT

Once you have selected the duration of subscription please create a ticket on the system or send email in order to get it activated.


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