What is the winning % ratio on Auto Trade?

Our team has developed the trends algorithm which aims to get a 75%* winning ratio on complete Auto Pilot. The Auto Trade feature is great but it has it’s limitation because it lacks the human touch. We have to say that in our experience and knowledge no system in the world can accurately predict 100% winning ratio because even the most advanced systems and experienced traders have failed and made huge losses as one may have seen in the news.

We are unable to endorse any particular strategy but we would say to only take trades based on signals which traders are comfortable with based on the strategy which they may follow with the amount they afford to risk.

*Taking into account any margin of error, the winning ratio may fluctuate higher or lower depending on trading times, asset chosen, and market volatility. The average winning ratio is a collective median average outcome of hundreds of trades conducted during our market prediction efforts. Please understand the risks, terms and conditions involved in conjunction with laws of country of your residence before investing.

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